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Podcast: Geelong coach Chris Scott, Part 1: The volatile world of an AFL coach

You’re unlikely to have ever heard a current AFL coach like this before. Geelong premiership coach Chris Scott joins PickStar's Off-Field podcast for an in-depth, two-hour discussion and we’re bringing it to you, in full, over two episodes.

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It’s a welcome change from the breakneck sports news cycle and sanitised press conferences.

This is not just a typical footy chat. If you lead a team, have an interest in high performance and want to know how the best in the business operate, you’ll get a lot out of this interview.

The Brisbane Lions dual premiership player says he didn’t want to be a coach. After finishing his playing career, Chris took an offer to be an assistant at Fremantle because he thought it might be his one and only chance to give coaching a shot, and fell in love with the job almost instantly.

Less than three years later, at just 34 years old, he was being shortlisted for senior coach opportunities but wasn’t even sure he wanted the top job, as late as two weeks before accepting the role at the Cats. In Chris' own words, he was unbelievably unprepared.

You can’t blame him for not rushing into the gig. There wouldn’t be many jobs with higher scrutiny and less stability than that of an AFL senior coach. This hit home for Chris when his great mate, Brenton Sanderson, was sacked by the Crows.

Chris is philosophical about his volatile world however the human impact of the position on those around him, particularly his young daughter, weighs heavy.

He also talks about the evolution of coaching, gives a rare insight into performance reviews, his workflow and much more. Listen now.

When you’re finished this episode, remember to listen to part two (iTunes OR SoundCloud), where we talk about the keys to high performance and leadership, and focus in on Chris’ personal learnings, habits and influences.

Geelong coach Chris Scott on the Off-Field podcast

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