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Podcast: Former AFL captain Nathan van Berlo on the lasting impact left by coaches and leaders

On PickStar's Off-Field podcast, Nathan van Berlo's most revealing interview since calling quits on his AFL playing career.


The former Adelaide Football Club captain shares what he's learned about leadership throughout his career, from tough conversations with teammates, overcoming adversity and working with his coaches.

One coach in particular, Neil Craig, had a massive impact. He helped foster Nathan’s leadership qualities, and played the role of a father figure particularly in his early years. Nathan says he was shattered to the point of tears when Neil left the club.

Now Nathan is looking to play a similarly influential role as a development coach at the Crows, while also completing his construction management degree and pursuing interests in property development.

Nathan also talks about the inner workings of AFL contracts and how much players in different stages of their career can earn, and much more.

Nathan van Berlo podcast

Off-Field is hosted and produced by PickStar's Andrew Montesi and James Begley.

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